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REPRINTED FROM VOLUME 11, NUMBER 34 – October 18, 2011

BM i shops that use the latest release of Desktop Capture that S4i Systems announced last week will gain the capability to automatically scan and input more types of documents into their content management systems. Desktop Capture is a Windows program designed to streamline the acquisition of documents into a content management system (CMS) or document management and
workflow system. The software, which S4i Systems unveiled a year ago, can capture documents from a variety of sources, including scanners (for paper-based documents), or e-mail inboxes and file systems (for electronic documents).

Desktop Capture is particularly well-suited to help customers arrange and sort incoming documents that don’t contain standard index identifiers, and therefore can’t easily be classified, stored, and retrieved in the CMS. The software includes the capability to manually index incoming documents and also features 5250 screenscraping capabilities that can automatically grab indexing information (such as customer numbers or purchase orders) from incoming documents.

With version 2.1, S4i has added support for documents originating in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and IBM Lotus Notes version 8.5.2. This release also brings support for previewing Office documents.

S4i has also added new options for arranging the layout of the panels on Desktop Capture’s GUI for document previewing and indexing, which gives users greater flexibility to arrange their workspaces to fit their needs, says Alistair Scott, S4i Systems chief technology officer.

Desktop Capture version 2.1 was released in August 2011 and has already been deployed at several customer sites, says Susanne States, director of sales and client services. “This release is in direct response to our customers’ requests and we are excited to be able to quickly respond to their needs,” she states in a press release.

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