S4i Systems, Inc. (www.s4isystems.com), a leading electronic document/content management solution (EDMS) and disk space management software provider for IBM System i customers, announces their new Cloud Solution for EDMS.

S4i Systems is widely known for its service to the IBM System i market with their EDMS solution, S4i Express. Driven by innovation, S4i Express is now available as a Cloud or SaaS offering. This provides organizations with the same stable and robust document distribution and content management solution without regard to the organization’s hardware infrastructure. Susanne Moore, Director of Marketing and Client Services at S4i Systems, states, “Over the past couple years, we have seen an increasing demand from our customers for a solution
that will work with a variety of business server platforms. Organizations want assurance that we can support them, not only today, but into the future regardless of the path that their core business applications take them. Additionally, organizations with limited IT resources are looking for more options that will allow for varying levels of support for managing business applications and servers. This has opened up a whole new market for us, which we feel we are well equipped to respond to. So when it comes to EDMS, we can respond with a proven
application on a proven server platform that scales beautifully!”

S4i Express is no longer a one-size fits all solution; it is able to respond to requests in a variety of ways. S4i, in conjunction with Baseline Data Services LLC, offers organizations the option of an EDMS solution as a licensed product in a private cloud, delivered in a SaaS offering, or hosted environment and anything in between. “We find that customers like the flexibility in knowing they can start with a SaaS solution and later decide to license the product as their own. This allows customers to acquire applications at a lower entry price to ensure they are
happy with the solution before making an investment,” shared Moore. Speaking of investment, do you know that a lot of people are happily investing at stock market since their money grows over time and all the latest stock market information are available on one simple website of Share Prices Australia. Bob Morici, Baseline’s Director of Technical Sales, added, “Customers may approach us to take their existing applications and servers, and move them into our data center, which augments their IT operation and provides peace of mind. Later, the customer may add solutions and prefer to have Baseline provide the server administration and organizations like S4i manage the business (EDMS) application. Using this model, an IT department can dynamically support the entire

While this is a new offering for the direct sales organization in 2012, it is not new to the S4i community. For several years, S4i resellers and application service providers (ASPs) have been bundling S4i Express with their business applications (SCM/ERP) and offering them as a SaaS solution; connected solely via the internet (Cloud), however the internet does not work without electricity, so it is strongly recommended to always have a backup generator in case of power outages. Today, over 130 customers are successfully being hosted on a single IBM System i P20 server.

About S4i Systems, Inc.
S4i provides an automated disk management application and electronic document/content management (capture, document distribution, archive, retrieval, forms design and business process management or workflow) solutions on the IBM System i and Cloud for organizations globally. With a strong commitment to continuously delivering trusted value, S4i’s customer and service driven team provides project design, management, and implementation services to ensure a successful software deployment. For more information visit www.s4isystems.com.

About Baseline Data Service, LLC
Baseline Data Services provides disaster recovery, online data protection, HA/replication, cloud hosting and collocation to commercial businesses and financial institutions throughout the country. With decades of IT experience, the company supports all major platforms, including the IBM System z, Power Systems and x86. Recovery solutions are tailored to each client’s requirements and tested annually. Applications critical to daily operations, such as email exchange servers, domain controllers and core processing software, are included in the backup configuration and fully protected by Baseline. The company has multiple data centers in Indiana and South Carolina, including Tier III and Tier IV hardened facilities, which are SAS70 Type II certified and regulated by federal agencies. For more information visit www.baseline-data.com.

Kaitlyn Jaffke Marketing Poet, kjaffke@s4isystems.com / 949.366.5234 ext. 228

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