Now there is an easy and cost‐effective way to capture paper‐based or on‐line records into any content‐management or business system.

S4i Systems, Inc. (, a leading electronic document automation and disk space management software provider for IBM Power™ customers, announces the release of its Desktop Capture V2.1.

S4i’s newest innovative solution, Desktop Capture, easily obtains documents from a scanner, the file system or directly from your email.  Index data can be manually entered into Desktop Capture or acquired automatically from third party application software.  The associated indexes with the corresponding documents are used for future retrieval and automated distribution.   Some of the features included are; file acquisition by browsing for desktop files, dragging and dropping PC files, email or scanning hard copy documents right to your back end repository or content management system. Automatic document separation eliminates manually organizing the documents, automatic screen scraping and database lookups are used obtain index data that is
not displayed in the application, and validation against a database ensures that the document has enough information and minimizes user error.

According to Alistair Scott, S4i Systems’ chief technology officer, the latest release of Desktop Capture; “Provides enhancements such as options for arranging the layout of your panels for document previewing and indexing giving the user greater flexibility to arrange their workspace. Additionally, we’ve added previewing of Microsoft Office documents and support for Outlook 2010 and Lotus Notes V8.5.2”.

“This release is in direct response to our customers’ request and we are excited to be able to quickly respond to their needs,” says Susanne States, director of sales and client services. Desktop Capture V2.1 was released in August 2011 and has already been deployed at several customer sites.

About S4i Systems

S4i provides electronic document management and disk management solutions for IBM Power Systems’ System i. With a strong commitment to continuously delivering trusted value, S4i’s customer and service driven team provides project design, management and implementation services to ensure a successful software deployment.

S4i Express is a fully integrated System i automated report distribution and electronic document management (EDM) system that can automate all document processing enterprise wide. IT leaders use S4i Express to improve internal and external business communications. Because of its scalability, completeness and cost/value benefit, S4i Express is the preferred System i EDM offering. For more information visit

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