S4i NG - Document Management for Windows and Linux

Save time and resources by automating document and report processes

The functionality of S4i Express designed for Windows and Linux

S4i NG is a complete document management system that electronically captures, separates, indexes, and delivers documents and reports. It easily integrates with web and operating system based applications, including popular scanning and workflow applications. All end user and administrative access is completely browser-based utilizing intuitive and wizard driven configuration rules with no programming required.

S4i NG employs a combination of the best of SQL database design, for document control and document workflow rule processing, local file systems for document storage, and noSQL database technology for fast and flexible index data storage and retrieval. You can create an unlimited number of document access filters consisting of any combination of search criteria which return your requested results instantaneously in a worksheet format. In many cases this feature eliminates the need for ever actually viewing the saved document itself.

Key Features

  • Scan paper documents into automated, rules-based workflows
  • Burst reports into segments by page
  • Retrieve and view documents quickly and easily
  • Distribute documents intelligently via email

Key Benefits

  • Transform manual business transactions into automated paperless processes
  • Boost productivity across your organization
  • Create and modify rules-based workflows
  • Improve accuracy and speed during document creation


Capture documents, image files, and reports from one or more print queues on any system with no limitation on document type.

Document Scanning & Workflow

Easily recognize documents, index, and enter them with their document data into this managed workflow environment.


S4i NG uses simple, on-screen point-and-select user defined rules to burst system reports into segments by page.

Report Distribution

S4i NG automates the electronic delivery of information that is specific to the recipient’s mission.


Unlimited segment links, indexes, and search criteria simplify the process of document retrieval, making it easy to track document use and availability.

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