White Papers

Automating System i Disk Management: Better System Performance and Improved Resource Utilization

With many constraints on time resources and fiances you’ll need to look at the whole picture when deciding how to manage your disk resources. This whitepaper takes a comprehensive look at all the major considerations in planning for disk management. See how disk automation tools can simplify the process and set your mind at ease.

The Top Seven Reasons to Automate AP

Accounts payable can be a time consuming and expensive process. This step by step guide shows you how to more efficiently process documents using workflow and data extraction. These tools can help you save almost $23 per invoice by reducing errors, improving data quality, and reducing processing times.

Partner White Paper: Design-time Automation Strategies for Business Integration

Design-time Automation does for IT organizations what integration middleware does for businesses. By automating time-consuming, repetitive, and error prone development activities, it slashes project delivery time, cost, and risk, improves IT resource efficiency, and hastens the onset of integration benefits to the business.

Electronic Document Management: What it could mean for your organization

Migrating from a paper based business environment to electronic documents is common for most businesses these days, however, it can be a complex process without the proper planning. In this white paper we will review these processes and hopefully educate the reader on best practices.

Smart Content Management Though the Use of CMS Technology

While System i shops both large and small can benefit from the use of advanced content management systems, many worry about security-related challenges. Key industry analysts say centralized document storage and maintenance are critical tenets to better customer service, but how do you implement multiple levels of security to make self-service over intranets and public networks a safe reality?

S4i EDM Technical White Paper

Replacing paper documents with electronic ones results in reduced labor, material expense, and better communication, customer service, and risk management. This white paper will endeavor to describe the benefits associated with document automation and the vast functionality, flexibility and security available to an organization implementing an IBM System I based electronic document management solution using the example S4i Express.


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