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Creating a Professional Image

Discover how you can improve processing times with custom forms and documents delivered digitally for a completely digital document lifecycle. See faster turnaround times on shipping invoices and manifests, cleaner imports, and provide access to the appropriate personnel. It’s time to take the next step toward a paperless organization.

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Document Capture Webinar Series

Discover different ways that organizations can capture hard and soft copy documents, extract valuable information, and leverage captured info within other business solutions. Recapture time and resources lost searching for documents, by taking the leap to paperless document management.

Session 1: Introduction to Document Capture Solutions

Learn about different types of capture solutions and the business problems they often solve. Get a look at our low-volume solution, Desktop Capture, for capturing hard and soft copy documents across the enterprise. Hear from a customer currently using the Desktop Capture solution.

Session 2: Zonal Capture Solutions

Start to eliminate manual data entry and increase your level of accuracy by capturing documents with a standard layout. Learn the value of using barcodes and defined zones to extract information to be used for indexing and integration with your business applications.

Spring Cleaning with DASD Plus

See how to keep your disk space spring fresh with automated clean up. Keep your IBM i series server tidy with over 27 predefined routines. Stay ahead of problems with disk surveys, analysis, alerts, and spike analysis so you can pinpoint issues before they effect users. Plan for future growth with reporting and charting that give you visuals you can present to your organization.


Forms Design | Gaining Agility in Manufacturing & Distribution

How can a simple form make your life easier?

We’ll show you how designing your own electronic forms can make your team more agile. You can speed up business processes with real time information transferred to your back office system as soon as you hit submit. And when your requirements change, your forms can quickly be adjusted in house and redeployed in minutes.  You can fill out Bills of Lading and Receiving Documents, take pictures of damaged goods, and sign with your finger all from your tablet or touch screen device.