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“S4i DASD-Plus takes care of the whole process,” said Raymond. “S4i DASD-Plus is now working for me. We don’t need to use the software much anymore, it just keeps doing the job automatically. We just don’t worry about it.”


The IT department at Staples, Inc. spent too many man‐hours maintaining DASD on 14 IBM POWER Systems with OS utilities, yet capacity problems persisted. Once DASD‐Plus was installed, Staples capacity problems disappeared.

Staples, Inc. pioneered the office superstore industry with the opening of its first store in Brighton, Massachusetts in May, 1986. Today the Company operates over 720 stores worldwide including stores in the United States and Canada under the names “Staples, The Office Superstore”, “Staples Express”, “Business Depot” and “Bureau En Gros.”

Staples’ retail success is based on three core values: everyday low prices, a broad selection of quality merchandise, and a focus on providing superior customer service.


Staples was using OS utilities to maintain the DASD on their 14 iSeries systems. They needed to IPL once a week and had no idea how fast DASD on the iSeries was growing. Managing the resource was extremely labor-intensive.

“Disk Management was taking too much time,” comments George Raymond, Operations Manager for Staples. “We just did not feel like we had adequate control. We had had continual capacity problems.”

Staples started looking for a solution that could automate the entire maintenance process and provide trend and variance information without operator involvement. They tested and selected DASD-Plus to provide a complete DASD management solution.

S4i DASD-Plus provided a robust and easy to use system that was implemented and operating in short order.

S4i DASD-Plus has saved Staples’ operations staff countless hours by automating the mundane, yet critical tasks necessary to control disk resources. Its remote capabilities provide additional labor savings on an ongoing basis.

S4i DASD-Plus was designed, and is recognized as, the ‘best-of-breed’ for disk management for an entire iSeries enterprise. It provides a simple-to-use front end and feature-rich operations capabilities that enable operations staff to dedicate their time to more productive tasks.