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“We initially installed and configured DASD-Plus Alert on one processor that has always been prone to very spiky DASD consumption,” Bob Cargill said, “so we were well aware of the causes and the amount of time necessary to monitor and control those spikes. DASD-Plus Alert immediately went to work and succeeded in automatically detecting and reporting on the originations of the spikes.”

Nebraska-based Oriental Trading Company, Inc., one of the nation’s leading direct marketers of value-priced novelties, toys, party supplies, crafts, gift items, home décor products and garden accents. Oriental Trading had been searching for a better way to manage DASD consumption. Oriental Trading has deployed DASD-Plus Alert on three IBM POWER Systems.


DASD-Plus Alert provides economical DASD spike detection, automated data collection/analysis, and real time reports to equip system operators with the root-cause information they need to take corrective action quickly and accurately – even if the spike originations are invisible to standard IBM i management tools.

With DASD-Plus Alert running, when an anomalous disk situation is detected, systems administrators can quickly find out which jobs are consuming disk, what objects are associated with those jobs, and who created the job – all the things an administrator needs to know to manually go in and stop the process and do it fast.


We easily integrated DASD-Plus Alert with our messaging systems so our operators are now notified whenever DASD consumption reaches threshold levels on two other processors as well. We also think additional investment in disk will now be easier to plan for, and may even be kept to a minimum in some cases.”