Automated Disk Management

DASD-Plus provides automated disk management, reporting, analysis and alerts for your IBM i

Disk management for IBM i and IBM Power Systems made easy.

DASD-Plus simplifies System Administration for IBM i on IBM Power Systems with an all-in-one Disk Management Solution. This advanced disk management product provides a versatile platform that easily tailors to your organization’s needs. Significant gains in machine throughput and performance are the result of optimizing disk space wasted by the operating system, application software, IFS, and data. Extensive reporting capabilities identify and track emerging problems, and resource forecasting features facilitate better hardware purchase decisions.

DASD-Plus allows the administrator to easily configure the utility and set up threshold indicators. These indicators can be used to easily identify disk consumption based on threshold and the jobs, objects and users responsible. Immediate action can be taken to preserve valuable disk resources. Since the utility runs as a low impact background job, the high cost of dedicated, manual monitoring is eliminated, and the root cause detail it provides helps to avoid strategic application downtime which is not only very expensive, but politically dangerous.

DASD-Plus analyzes disk usage by library, file, user, group, total disk, or user defined criteria. These routines can be performed automatically at scheduled intervals to ensure that the system is always optimized. You can easily track DASD growth and forecast future DASD requirements based on historical trends as well as know if and when an object has changed. Surveys can be setup to report changes to objects measured against a baseline or between defined periods. Exception reporting allows you to focus only on the most critical information. All DASD-Plus routines are parameter driven with time constraints, so the amount of time spent on housekeeping is contained.

Minimal setup is required and S4i’s 24/7 Personal Technical Support is always available.

Key Features

  • Real time Spike Detection
  • Job Management
  • Central Management
  • Disk space Analysis
  • Reporting

Clean Up

Create custom jobs and reports easily.

Easily customize system clean up with over 27 predefined routines. Quickly modify, stack, and run routines on automated schedule or ad hoc. Test out routines in “what if” mode to simulate space saved.


Chart your reports for quick analysis.

Run a report with your custom parameters or use one of 25 predefined options for a detailed view of your system, changes in your disk, or system growth. Analyze libraries, objects or member level details, and IFS directories. Then chart your data with the DASD-Plus Chart feature. Quickly display selected report segments in customized graphs and export to share with your organization.


Get real time spike detection & notification.

Keep an eye on your system with real time spike detection, notification, and automated data collection to help you pin point the source. Quickly identify runaway jobs, a query or any routine that consumes valuable disk space so you can take corrective action to prevent a system crash.

Accelerate your Disk Management with DASD-Plus.

Disk Management Datasheet

Manage Remotely

A single point of DASD Administration.

With remote management, System Administrators can manage System i servers and ASP’s anywhere in the organization without logging in to each system . Set up jobs centrally and push to multiple systems, thereby eliminating the need for on-site DASD administration for remote locations.


Measure twice, cut once.

Your clean up jobs can run in “what if” scenario before committing to the task. A great way to see the effects a job will have on your system, the space you’ll gain and the time each routine requires to run.


Tailor and tweak to fit the organization.

Customize predefined jobs or easily create your own in DASD-Plus’s familiar green screen interface. Target any level of your disk and define criteria such as date of last use, rate of growth, size, top use, location, and more. Easily modify DASD-Plus to meet the needs of your unique enterprise


Set it and forget it.

Easily package clean up routines, surveys, and reports to run as steps of a larger job. Then schedule jobs to run during off-peak hours. Place time constraints on a job to automatically pause if not complete within time allotted, later resume at the last step or  re-start from the top.

Quickly spot and neutralize spikes.

Change the way you monitor your system with DASD-Plus Alert. With automated spike detection, notification, and automated data collection your team can respond quickly to prevent a system crash.


Automate system monitoring.

Set custom monitoring parameters and thresholds for your system and auxiliary storage pools. The threshold indicators you define will easily identify disk consumption by job, object, temporary storage, and users responsible. DASD-Plus then runs as a low-impact background job, allowing you to eliminate manual monitoring and avoid strategic application downtime.

Alert icon


Prevent system crashes with real time alerts.

When a spike is detected DASD-Plus notifies the system operator in real time via email or a system message. The automated data collection will provide system operators with detailed, root cause information they’ll need to take corrective action. Know where the spike originates, to quickly quell runaway jobs before they overtake your system.

Analyze your Disk with Advanced Reporting

Learn how you can optimize your System i.


Report on your key performance indicators.

Create customized reports that drill down to what matters most on your system. Tailor your reports to examine results based on size, growth, date of last use or by level. Run one report or stack them as multi-step jobs.


Chart your reports for easy analysis

Examine your reports by segments or as a whole, then graph only what you want. Create pie, bar, difference, line, Gantt, and high-low graphs and charts to display your customized reports. Then export charts and data for sharing with others.

With a better understanding of your disk; make better plans for tomorrow.

Disk Management Technical White Paper

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