Business Process Automation

Reduce Errors and Streamline Labor Intensive Processes

Grow your Organization through Digital Transformation

Labor intensive or highly repetitive processes like accounts payable processing, vendor onboarding, warranty management, processing returns, filing a claim, applying for a mortgage, or admitting a patient and more are tedious and error-prone. Business process automation is designed to support activities that are people intensive, highly repetitive, tedious and prone to mistakes or errors. Gain the competitive advantage and grow your business by using your most valuable asset; people in more productive ways.

Our solutions fill gaps and extend your current technologies across the organization through seamless integrations.  Leverage business analytics for discovery and continuous process improvement; transforming the way your employees think and work to serve your customers more effectively. Your organization can finally link systems of engagement, the way you interact with customers, and the systems of record to a cohesive and profitable workflow.

Workflow Automation brings together information collection, business process management (BPM), dynamic case management (DCM), robotic process automation (RPA), team collaboration, mobility, and analytics into a powerful automated workflow solution creating knowledge so your organization can make better decisions.

Key Features

  • Build automated or ad hoc workflows with a powerful rules engine
  • Initiate work through online forms, emails, and captured documents
  • Manage routing, escalation, and delegation of tasks easily
  • Retrieve supporting content or documents within the context of your work
  • Access work and facilitate approvals from your desk or mobile device
  • Monitor your operational effectiveness and other key metrics

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Create and capture organizational knowledge
  • Monitor performance for continuous improvement
  • Increase employee moral
  • Make informed, effective decisions more quickly

Gain Competitive Advantage

Increase operational effectiveness by leveraging newly created knowledge to make informed decisions and increase quality and customer satisfaction.

Universal Integration

Integrates with any system of record and bridges gaps in existing applications. No need to migrate or upgrade legacy systems; creating instant value for the business, customers and other key stakeholders.

Mobile Collaboration

Promote collaboration and responsiveness with mobile access for approvals and updates any time, any where.

Delight your Customers

Engage your customers and vendors more effectively with self-service portals to initiate workflows, track status and resolutions.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Provide near real-time analytics of operational and business data from a single dashboard.


Transform how your organization thinks and works. Let us help you prepare your employees for change.

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