Capture, Distribute and Retrieve Information Fast

Save time and money with high volume automated document distribution, content management and archiving

Take Your Organization to the Next Level of Efficiency

Reduce costs related to labor, paper, pre-printed forms, and distribution with professional-looking electronic documents. In addition to a powerful document archiving engine, S4i Express is a complete document delivery system for IBM i and IBM Power Systems that electronically captures, separates, indexes, bundles, delivers or archives documents and reports. Output format options include: PDF, HTML, Excel, Word, and many others. Electronic documents are instantly delivered to management, vendors, dealers, customers and other stakeholders.

Organizations around the world and in all kinds of industries use S4i Express in a variety of challenging environments. That’s because S4i Express is a fully scalable, rules-based document management solution that evolves to meet your growing and changing business requirements. The browser-based user interface in S4i Express is universally understood and permits document viewing throughout the enterprise. Plus, setup is simple, no programming is necessary, and personalized technical support is available 24/7.

Key Document Management Features

  • Scan paper documents into automated, rules-based workflows
  • Archive documents with unlimited segment links, indexes, and search criteria
  • Distribute documents intelligently via email, print, FTP, fax, etc.
  • Burst reports into segments by page, line or field
  • Bundle together automatically segments from other reports
  • Retrieve and view web‐based documents quickly and easily

Key Document Management Benefits

  • Transform manual business transactions into automated paperless processes
  • Boost productivity across your organization
  • Standardize and automate business processes
  • Create and modify rules-based workflows
  • Retrieve content quickly and easily during audits
  • Improve accuracy and speed during document creation


Capture PC documents, image files, spool files and reports from one or more print queues on IBM i (including the IFS) or even Windows and other systems.


Unlimited segment links, indexes, and search criteria simplify the process of document archival and retrieval, making it easy to track document use and availability.

Document Scanning & Workflow

Organizations that are paper driven can easily scan documents, recognize, index (using OMR, OCR, or ICR), and enter them with their document data into this managed workflow environment.

Report Distribution

S4i Express automates the electronic delivery of information that is specific to the recipient’s mission.


S4i Express automates the process of creating document bundles from report segments. These bundles can be comprised of complete reports or segments.


S4i Express uses simple, on-screen point-and-select user defined rules to burst system i reports into segments by page, line or field. The instructions that define where reports are split can be easily modified.


Access documents quickly and easily from anywhere

WebView is a browser based application that allows employees, vendors, constituents and customers to access their business content and documents. Once accessed by the end user documents are displayed as an adobe PDF or in their native format (.tiff, Excel, Word, MS Project, etc.). Documents can be viewed by the end user or distributed via email, fax, FTP, print, etc. in your desired format. The possibilities are endless! Change your format on the fly and download to client. View or distribute multiple documents at the same time. Documents can be linked together through common index keys.

Add notes to your document

As an administration your organization has the ability to manage who can see which documents, who has access to these documents within a single spool file, PDF file or document class, how they can be distributed (if at all) and who can view notes associated with a given document.

Desktop Archiving

Within WebView, PC and other file type documents can be archived for later retrieval with simply two clicks of a button. Archiving through WebView gives the organization access to key business documents within the organization in their native format, resulting in business assets being maintained in a central repository, thereby, avoiding lost or misplaced business intelligence.


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