Document Capture and Transformation

Transform static information into automated business processes

Initiate Business Process Management

Advanced Capture pulls and validates information from print and electronic documents to drive critical business applications, process and workflows. Not only does this eliminate the cost of shipping and photocopying documents—while providing better security and document quality—but the captured data automatically initiates business processes while lowering process costs.

Advanced technology inside Capture accurately recognizes handwriting (ICR), machine print (OCR), check marks (OMR), bar codes and more, Capture easily handles complex, high-volume forms processing.

Once data is captured, the transformation modules automatically classifies documents, separates pages and validates data. This saves significant time and effort otherwise needed to manually make sense volumes of documents and related information.

In addition to fully integrating  with S4i Express as well as Kofax products, can easily integrate with application software throughout the enterprise; plus these products are compatible with an extensive array of hardware scanners, capture devices, workflow applications, databases and more.

Minimal setup is required and S4i’s 24/7 Personal Technical Support is always available.

Key Features

  • Capture from any source and at any office location
  • Capture handwriting (ICR), machine print (OCR), check marks (OMR), bar codes and checked boxes
  • Capture structured forms, semi-structured documents, and unstructured documents
  • Patented Kofax VRS® technology automatically cleans, rotates, de-skews and crops before data extraction
  • Learn-by-example technology classifies, separates and extracts data
  • Integrates with any system and scales seamlessly to any volume or number of devices/locations

Key Benefits

  • Reduce or eliminate the costs of manual business document handling
  • Automatically create data-rich content repositories and trigger essential business processes
  • Improve accuracy of extracted information before it’s used by business systems
  • Enforce reliable content retention and security policies, regardless of format, source or location
  • Ensure accountability for content processing while accelerating core business processes
  • Free up staff time for more important work and realize a surprisingly fast ROI

Custom Modules

Support your precise business processes with dozens of plug-and-play custom modules, including custom forms-processing, postal mail scanning, microfilm archiving, and more.

Import Controller

Create front-end scripts to feed Capture from enterprise applications such as financials, human resources, manufacturing, and more.

Customizable User Interface

Modify the Capture user interface via Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any language that supports COM.

Flexible Information Delivery

Deliver captured information into multiple systems simultaneously (e.g.: workflow and content management systems) via S4i’s unrivaled library of release modules written in Visual Basic, or use our source code to write your own.

Database Lookup Interface

Set up sophisticated database lookups without scripting.

Supports Color Scanning

Capture color image processing improves image quality and OCR accuracy by using advanced algorithms developed by S4i to handle full-color de-skew and state-of-the-art color-to-bitonal thresholding. Automatically recognizes color images, extracts data from them and routes to your business systems.


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