Fujitsu Scanners from S4i Systems

Dependable, Versatile Enterprise Scanning Solutions

The leader in Rapid, Accurate, Quality Document Imaging for Corporate Workflow and Archiving

Fujitsu delivers a wide variety of document scanning devices to meet the needs of any size department or business – everything from small business operations to production level document processing. Every Fujitsu scanner boasts easy integration and compatibility with other platform’s enterprise applications and workflows. Most Fujitsu scanners offer image resolution up to 600 dpi, with some models delivering scanning speeds of up to 60 pages per minute (ppm). With its synergy of speed, quality, and excellent paper handling, every Fujitsu scanner noticeably increases business efficiencies and reduces costs.

Key Fujitsu Scanner Features

  • Excellent image quality
  • Supports a wide variety of document sizes
  • Unparalleled scanning speeds
  • Models to fit any need
  • Perfect balance of performance and affordability

Key Fujitsu Scanner Benefits

  • A reliable workhorse scanners for workgroups and enterprises
  • Reduce time-costs from manual scanning processes
  • State-of-the art data recognition and accuracy
  • Works with IBM i and any other platform
  • Seamless integration with workflow and archive systems
  • Rapid warranty exchange via S4i Systems

Speed and Image Quality

Like their sleek, attractive designs suggest, Fujitsu scanners provide the balance of speed and image quality that you should expect from modern scanning technology.

Improve OCR Quality

Improved scan accuracy augments accuracy of editable and searchable document in the OCR process, reducing data errors and the need to re-scan.

Meeting Any Need

Between their two major lines, ScanSnap and fi Series, Fujitsu scanners scale easily to meet the needs of every department or organization.

Easy Warranty Exchange

Should any unexpected problems occur, S4i Systems will quickly exchange your scanner according to its warranty terms. No hassle and no need to be without your scanner for long periods.

Full Compatibility

Rest assured that every scanner is ready to quickly and easily integrate with your existing systems