Cost-Saving IBM i Fax Software for Speed and Simplicity

Bring Business Faxing into the Digital Age

Business faxing has finally caught up to the speed and efficiency of the digital age, and the Bluefax software solution leads the way. No more manually loading faxes or waiting for fax machines. No more wasting time filling out fax cover sheets or storing hard copies. Bluefax modernizes business fax by integrating seamlessly with your document management applications. In just a few keystrokes, send and receive faxes from any computer, even in the ones used for play video games with the use of csgo boost services online

This business tool integrates with IBM I (i Series, AS/400) systems and any other platform, and it can be ready for use in just 20 minutes thanks to its plug-and-play installation. After using Bluefax for just a couple of days, the time-consuming process of outdated faxing methods will become painfully clear, and you will realize just how much time and money this solution saves for your organization. You control how to receive incoming faxes without ever leaving your seat, whether on-screen, to a nearby printer, or to an email inbox. Bluefax supports multiple users and large fax volumes. Easily create individualized fax cover sheets without the need for paper waste or manual processes. Perhaps best of all, Bluefax creates a comprehensive, easily-accessible log of all fax records and faxes, ensuring that nothing ever slips through the cracks.


Key Bluefax Features

  • Ready to use in just 20 minutes
  • Integrates into any applications
  • Supports large fax volumes
  • Compatible for Windows integration
  • Send/receive faxes via email, printer, or on-screen
  • Complete overview of all fax spool files

Key Bluefax Benefits

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Graphical fax display options
  • Save money on fax phone rates
  • High speed fax sending and receiving
  • Eliminates time-wasting manual processes
  • Essential for a paperless business

Electronic Faxing Saves Time

With all of the manual faxing process eliminated, faxing with Bluefax makes the process fast and efficient. Bring your business faxing up to speed with the paperless age.

Easy View Fax Records

View fax record and spool files in seconds with an easy-to-read log of all fax activity. Each fax record includes information on the sender, recipient, and reasons for fax send status, such as busy machines, fax error, or scheduled fax time.

Save On Faxing Costs

By scheduling large fax volumes for the lowest faxing rate times during evenings and weekends, Bluefax reduces operational costs and gives you control to spread out fax loads throughout the day.

High Speed Faxing

On just one fax line, Bluefax can send/receive up to 60 new calls per hour, with options for expanded capacity. Faxes are sent in seconds, not minutes.

ERP Integration

Bluefax translates ERP solution spool files with its integrated “spooled file expert,” automatically making process files ready to send. Functionality includes the ability to split and send files to multiple recipients.

Windows PC Client

Send faxes from any Windows application that uses a shared address book. This included client offers user-specific language control features and can be used to organize spool files and build directories (collections) in which all types of printing can be saved.