Application management can be a bear of a task, but advances in IASP functionality are giving us a viable way to keep application availability higher than ever.

Our webinar yesterday, with IBMer Nick Harris and S4i’s CTO Alistair Scott, demonstrated how you can implement iASP’s in conjunction with IBM PowerHA to drastically improve disaster recover, back-up times, and availability for your business applications.  The use case showed how placing S4i Express in an iASP environment took application availability to new heights. In a controlled role swap S4i Express was up an running on the secondary system in only 20 minutes.

Thanks to Nick for a jam packed educational session! We ran out of time yesterday but we’ll have Q & A and links on iASP implementation here for you in a follow up post, so don’t forget to check back. In the mean time, we have slides hot and ready for you to download.

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