Enabling Better Decisions by Connecting People, Processes and Information

What we do

Simply put, we capture your content and make it more accessible to the organization in an electronic, secure format. We strive to help you eliminate paper in your organization with web and mobile-enabled forms that send captured information directly to your systems of record. Finally, we pull it altogether by tackling manual, tedious business workloads and automating them to create consistent, repeatable processes. The result is turning valuable information into knowledge by way of analytics to make more informed decisions. 



Imaging / Capture

Complete document capture technology makes electronic document creation, storage, and retrieval simple.

Document & Content Management

Transform manual business transactions into automated paperless processes. Archive documents with unlimited segment links, indexes, and search criteria and more.


Information collection, business process management (BPM), dynamic case management (DCM), team collaboration and analytics into one powerful automated workflow solution.

Forms Design

Create custom electronic forms that look like they came from a print shop with S4i’s Forms Design Suite.

Mobile Forms

Quickly and easily create custom forms on mobile and tablet devices.

Advanced Analytics

For companies needing to take their BPM analytics to the next level, Kofax’s Altosoft Analytics brings robust visibility to the automation of your business processes.

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Our solutions have changed how our clients do business – and with dramatic results. Once you go paperless and streamline your workflows with automatic processes, the manual processes that currently impede your business growth will be a thing of the past. Each solution is designed to bring your business fast, positive ROI. View case studies from our past and current clients to see how S4i has changed the way they do business.




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